In the beginning

“Timehop” popped up this memory today…

That was day 2 of the frame build, on the original layout bench used for the 737 development at work. So much history in this photo 🙂

Let the sightseeing begin

After a long trip across  the globe, the 737 has arrived in London, ready to embark on some scenery sightseeing.


The weather on arrival wasn’t that flash especially when you’re flying from a hotel room via Google Remote Desktop!!


Safely down and parked.  When I get home I can start looking around for some UK destinations…. then perhaps look for some Scotland scenery and explore a bit of my heritage 😉

Airline/Boeing Memorabila

Today I added a shelf to the wall above the TV to display a bit of airline and Boeing memorabilia.  Nathan helped assemble the models despite getting “bitten” by one of the planes….

If you look closely, the photo frame in the middle contains some of my “treasures” from my travels, including my ticket to see Roger Waters live in Paris..  there are more of these treasures, which I’ll have to figure out how to display.

737 Heading off on another mission

This time it’s to test scenery.  I have just installed and configured UK2000 parts 1-8, which is now freeware.  I have had a little experience with this scenery in the past, as it was installed on a customers simulator.  I had considered buying it for the 737 anyway, as it is of good quality and gives good coverage of the UK.

Tonight we leave Christchurch and head to the UK and some scenery testing.  If it’s good I may install it in the Arrow and do some VFR around the UK!

MobiFlight MCP

Ok, so you have to use your imagination a little, but here we have the start of my MCP for the 737

The final version will have another board added, a GoFlight Encoder/Button/LED controller, which will run the buttons and most of the encoders.

Best part of all this; so far it looks like it will all be USB powered, so I’ll probably mount a USB hub inside the case, as well as IO for the glareshield components.

737 Software Testing

Next up in the 737 Development and Test program:

  • Test different Autopilot Options.  Current MCP has issues with approach coupling.
  • Test Reality XP’s FS8 B737-500 EADI Gauge.  This is the same gauge as I am using in the King Air sim in Auckland.  Need to check integration with the ND EFIS and MCP in the panel.
  • Find install and test a GPWS “Callout” gauge for approach calls.
  • Implement the correct “style” engine gauges (current panel has steam gauges, my -500 panel has “glass” engine instruments.

Once these gauges are sorted and operating LUA/FSUIPC/Hardware integration can begin.

Man Cave Wall-Art?

I travel a bit for work…  I had a collection of boarding passes in my desk drawer at work.

I have been looking for something to decorate the “airline” section of the Man Cave, and thought maybe I could do something with these boarding passes.  The idea all started when I saw some really cool prints of “Retro Luggage

Tags” at Flight Experience in Perth.  I have been looking around for images of Pan Am luggage tags for exotic locations, and found a good number of them.. Then I changed the idea to places I’d visited, now I’ve moved on to using my boarding passes.  Who knows what I’ll end up with!