A single line I read in “The Long Patrol: History of 1 Sqn RNZAF” lead to some interesting research into Galatea Airfield (NZGA) near Murupara.

I read that the Andovers of 1 Sqn did some STOL training at an airfield in the “Kaingaroa Forest”, which after some research, appears to be Galatea, which was a WWII dispersal field, and has a 3400ft long grass runway.

Tonight I decided to check out the field, and the scenery I have installed but never visited….

Departed Ohakea and headed up across the desert, a nice day for VFR flying!

Tracking the Ohakea VOR outbound, making pretty good ground speed at 5,500ft

Probably should have checked this on takeoff!

Which meant a wee stop at Waiouru for gas before continuing to Galatea.


Nice to see an Andover stopping over at Waiouru.. considering this all started by reading about Andover ops..

From Waiouru the flight went well, landing at Galatea and imagining Andovers practicing STOL Ops there in RNZAF_AI’s future 😉

While I was cruising over the desert I finally applied the graphics Nigel kindly supplied to the Man Cave door…….

I am really happy with the result, starting to get a cool collection of memorabilia on the wall… must be time to start the other wall, which will be about commercial and GA aviation, focused on the Arrow, Boeing 737 Classics, and Pan Am (the single coolest airline in the world!)

RTW Plan

I’ve had to reduce the load in the 737, and add additional ferry tanks to stretch the maximum range a little, but here we have the basic plan…..  9 Legs, nice variety of landscapes to cross 🙂


Round the World Flight Time?

Time for some *real* testing of the FS PC for the B737 sim…. Flight planning this weekend, maps should be posted here by Sunday, then the flight can happen as soon as the following weekend 🙂 It has been a while since my last round-the-world-in-a-weekend, It’s actually quite good fun!

Invites are open to fly any of my the sims for the trip… any takers?

May have a Tanker aloft, plus the TA-4 for escort on some of the legs……  who knows!

737 out and about again

This time, purely for testing purposes.. of course, the 737 Sim PC is flying it’s way across the globe.


A lovely sunset of the Chilean coast, heading towards Argentina!


Tonights mission;  Design an EFIS Panel for the 737 Classic Pedestal.

Initial design done, components laid out on the back, and ordered from Aliexpress….  Now to finalise the component mounting holes in the backplate, and design a mount for the IO interface.

Aliexpress Link

B735 Test flights

Now that everything is working together properly, it was time for a test flight.  Night IFR Christchurch to Napier and back.   Landed in Napier, and checked to see that iBNet was working correctly by seeing the Arrow parked on the ramp where I left it!

The return leg flightplan was created by and loaded into the FMS in the aircraft.  Lovely night for a flight back to Christchurch, only a light Southerly and rain on arrival (I *really* like real-time weather!)

Night flight

B735 is online

After testing a bunch of software and panels for the 737 Classic project, I decided it was time to set up a PC for the sim.

It is now running, with it’s test panel in place, connected to real time weather, Sim-ACARS and iBNet.   For all intents, N910UA is alive in my sim network.

And here she is in all her glory, parked on the cargo ramp at Christchurch International Airport

At the Cargo Ramp