C-130’s backdated

Todays update; backdating Graham King’s C-130 paint back to the 1991 timeframe. Very simple to add Red/Blue markings and tail flashes, then serialise all 5 airframes.

This wont be released until I can get Grahams’ permission to modify and distribute his work. In the interim, the MAIW RNZAF C-130 package works fine as a stand-in 🙂

RNZAF_AI Boeing 727

This was one of the very first RNZAF AI paints I started, and is now the 4th package I’ve released. Did a little tidying up on it tonight (Gee I like being on holiday!) and packaged it up. Should be up in the MAIW Hangar soon!

P-3’s v1.1ish

After a false start, and a mix up with layers on the texture sheet… I present P-3K v1.1ish. Uploaded this evening to the MAIW library.

This package contains early 1990’s era paints for all 6 aircraft, and basic flightplans to get them flying.

Next up should be the Boeings to finish up the fleet for Whenuapai in the 1990-1992 era.

Mancave Doorstep

Tonight I built a doorstep….

Tired of leaves and dirt being tracked into the man cave I decided that it needed a doorstep. We had a bunch of leftover bricks from a garden project, so it was a simple job to make something 😉

TA-4k Flight Manual

A tip on facebook led me to a purchase of a T/A-4K Kahu Skyhawk Flight Manual. I’ve been looking for one for years, and with the departure of the jets thought ‘d never find one.

Arrived today, and is a *very* good quality scan. Very happy 🙂

Included on the DVD was both the normal and abnormal checklists,,, some printing and binding ahead.

Man Cave upgrade and Virtual Tower View

Big upgrade to the Man Cave, and the addition of a “Virtual Control Tower” to my sim network.
Using Eric Marciano’s ATC Radar gauge, in FS2004 running on the “Man Cave Media” PC, I now have a radar and tower view which shows aircraft in my iBNet multiplayer session (as well as AI Traffic for “ambiance” 🙂

The BIG upgrade was replacing the old 20″ monitor with the 42″ LCD which will one-day end up in the 737 sim 😉

14 Sqn and PTS Ramp from the Ohakea Tower

Another addition to the militaria collection came from Andy, who was cleaning out the garage and gave me this helmet:

From a little research on the ‘net it appears to be an RAF Mk3, possibly a Mk3c, but has been fitted with a boom mic. No idea how it came to be in New Zealand…. but it may be a nice restoration project to convert it to a 70’s era RAF fast jet helmet….. for now it’ll go on the shelf 🙂

‘Skyhawk Don’ Comes to visit

Don Sims, co-author of “Skyhawks”, kiwi skyhawk guru, and long time supporter of my projects visited the sim, and made some very nice remarks about it on social media

Don gets to grips with the sim

Skyhawk intercept over the South Taranaki Bite

Chasing a Herk departing Ohakea

From Facebook;
“Don Simms

December 29, 2016 at 6:48pm
Spent some time flying Sean’s Kahu Skyhawk sim today. The video is me trying (unsuccessfully) to plug into a RAF VC-10 tanker. It was doing 315kts so I was having trouble just keeping up! The flight and engine modelling is very realistic for a J52 powered Skyhawk. The graphics at Ohakea are very good. I even tried a max weight take off from 09. The jet became very sluggish which was quite realistic. One very impressive man cave. Thanks Sean Galbraith.”

Don’s attack on the Canterbury

And from the Gun Camera

It was really good to have someone with the depth of knowledge that Don has to come and sample my sim, especially as it has evolved in isolation for so long, it’s nice to see that it hasn’t strayed to far from the original concept.