MapBox Tiles for Plan-G

A nice addon for Plan-G appeared on yesterday. A custom Tile-set definition for MapBox. It completely changes the look of the map tiles, with loads of information, and a really good topographical/aeronautical look. Download Link

The readme has very good step-by-step instructions on how to get it working, and the results are certainly worth the effort 🙂

Where to next?

I’ve been aimlessly meandering around NZ in the Arrow for a while now, enjoying sightseeing and exploring… but today I was browsing through an Atlas, thinking of the cool placesI could fly in the Arrow or Skyhawk…

I had some great flights years ago in Europe and Central America, maybe an exotic destination will be next?

Nicaragua has some amazing mountain flying, I did quite a bit of both fixed and rotary wing sim flying around there more than 15 years ago, and have fond memories, perhaps its time to return?

All of this got me thinking about some of the real stand-out sim flights I’ve had over the years, from the first exploratory flight down the length of Long Island, to the 2 ship multiplayer strike mission into Colmbia in F-15 Strike Eagle III…. places I’ve never been, but still vivid memories!

So to answer the question; Where to next? Who knows, there is a whole world out there to explore… and I want to see it all!

Arrow tour continues

It’s been a while since the last update, I’ve been travelling a bit and not had any time for my sims 🙁

I did however have an lovely VFR flight in the Arrow, continuing my round-NZ tour. Departing Invercargill in nice clear winter weather, and headed up to Manapouri. A great part of the country to fly around, with Southland’s farmland giving way to the mountains and lakes of Fiordland. Not sure where the next leg will take me, or even when it is likely to be!