Kuwait Strike Mission

Did a bit of work on the sim tonight to get the ‘aircraft carrier’ functions working again after about 2 years of neglect….

Once it was all working it was time to test, and what better than a daylight strike mission over Kuwait?

Launched from CV67 off the coast, South of Kuwait city, and made coast in about 10 miles South of the airport.

From the coast in point skirted around the city then tracked directly towards the target, popping up for a dive attack.

Egress was around the Northern side of the city, avoiding power pylons, and out to sea over the port.

After a quick transit back to the boat, a visual approach to the wires.

And finally parked…

Updates, updates!

Since the last entry a bit has happened in the man cave…

Just after the last post, the AFCS blew up. Well, more specifically the Arduino got so hot you could hardly touch it, and promptly stopped working 🙁 I got a new Arduino for my birthday (thanks Jenny!) and thanks to MobiFlight’s abilty to save backups of board configurations, the new board was in and running in no time. Interesting discovery; since I am only using 1×8 digit display, and driving one encoder, there is sufficient power coming from the USB to run it all, which saves me having to run power to the board itself.

On the night of the 8th I had a group of friends around for my birthday, and both sims got a fair bit of action. Air-Air Refuelling was the challenge of the evening, with most who flew the Skyhawk having a go at it. Most notable effort was Nigel, who ran out of fuel about 100ft short of the tanker…..
A lot of laughs were had by all, and another couple of hours in the sim logbook!

Nigel on the “second” attempt

Richard about to rendezvous

Latest news is that I scored a few bits and pieces being thrown out at work.
A 42″ TV, which is destined for the “737 Classic” sim, and 2 mannequins…
Yesterday I got to find out how difficult it is to dress a rigid, inanimate object in tight-fitting flight gear!
Say hello to Susan* the fighter pilot….

*Susan is the standard “name-placeholder” in our family, and will be replaced with a more suitable fighter-pilot name in the future…

The male mannequin is destined for Richards place, to become either a V8 supercar driver, or an A-10C pilot… not sure which yet 🙂