After languishing in a field for the past 8 years (give or take) she’s finally going to become a sim!

I am converting 62-23855 into a simulator for No.17 Sqn Air Training Corps, based at Wigram here in Christchurch.
The plan is to build a multi-purpose simulator, allowing the cadets to fly aircraft ranging from the Cessna 172 through to the Queenair, and even some larger aircraft. The project involves using some off the shelf components, like Saitek radio panels, along with some custom build parts to create a realistic training environment.

The first step on the journey was completed last weekend with the cockpit being brought home for the restoration and conversion to begin.

While not working on the cockpit, I’ve been busy painting the virtual model of 62-23855 so I can show people what the aircraft looked like in US Army service.

This is going to be a quick, and interesting build, with a proposed deadline of mid December to have it complete, or at least flyable.

I am looking for history of the aircraft, so if there are any US Army aviation history buffs reading this…. get in touch at NZ6258 at g m a i l dotcom 😉

By SeanG

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