Now for some stimulating reading!

After having the TA-4k flight manual for a while now I *finally* got the pilot checklist printed!  A5 clear pockets, some rings to bind them together and I have my light reading sorted!  🙂

Hook Lever for the Skyhawk

Fusion 360 is a fantastic CAD/CAM package…   I designed this up in about 10 minutes, sliced it in Simplify3D and printed it.  The result is pretty good, apart from one part which moved while it was printing.  I’ll repair the fault, paint it and mount it to a 90º rotary switch.  The wiring is already in place, and so is the clever code to make the hook work properly.

The mounting and switch setup is the same as I’ll use on the Gear Lever which I already have, so I’ll make both at the same time.  It will be nice to do away with the temporary Gear switch which has been in the sim now for about 10 years!

Flight Data Recorder

Well, more of a track recorder, but you get the idea. Each flight in the TA-4k sim records a kml file, which is viewable in Google Earth.

This is a 2d sample of one of the recordings:


Each flight captures position and altitude data, and takes a screenshot every time the trigger is pulled…
Link to the post about this flight

RNZAF_AI Sioux near release

After starting off as a pure “static” model, the Sioux has turned into an AI model in it’s own right.
As part of the Hobsonville project, the Sioux should be released soon. Hobsonville will be the first “Complete Package” release under the RNZAF_AI banner.

New throttle arrived

After years (literally years!) of searching I finally found, and bought a Suncom Throttle for my sim.   This is a dual throttle modelled on the F-15E, but the two levers can be locked together to work for a single engined aircraft.  The cool thing is that the design is so close to the Kahu it will work without too much modification.  The throttle features all the buttons and switches as you could imagine, but also a good, functional friction control.

Sim Visit: Ken’s King Air

Ken has a really nice King Air 200 sim, with full G1000 glass cockpit.

I spent the evening helping Ken with a couple of problems, then finished with a nice flight around Christchurch. King Air’s are great fun to fly; fast enough to go places, but still able to land at small airfields!


This was a first for me: Painting a bus for Flightsim!
I wanted to add a few period AI vehicles to my scenery, and the Hino bus was the one I thought of first. After a quick internet search I had a couple of reasonable photos, and even the rego numbers of the ones in RNZAF service in the late 80’s and early 90’s (Yes.. there are bus-fan websites….)

Expect to see these around the various RNZAF bases I’m building 🙂

Fleet Update

It’s been a while, but very soon the TA-4, Arrow and Canterbury will all be in the same geographic location….

After almost 3 months Canterbury is almost home, and will be meeting both of my sims in my virtual world. Canterbury is due at Devonport tomorrow evening, while the Skyhawk is already at Whenuapai. I hope to fly the Arrow down to meet them both tomorrow evening, bringing them together for the first time this year!