Kaikora recce

Tonight we had a multi-player mission in the sims.
Reuben in the Arrow took off from Nelson, while I took off in the Skyhawk from Ohakea.
I caught up with the Arrow just after turning at Woodbourne. Cool fun trying to fly formation in such different aircraft!

Reuben landed at Kaikoura while I circled overhead, then I headed back to Ohakea. 1.2 Hours in the logbook and lots of smiles 🙂

In cruise over Cook Strait, on the way home…..

The man cave beginnings

Back in 2013 after the original “Simroom” was flooded, work started on the new, improved, enlarged version….

First came the flood.. We renamed our new deck “The Dock”… Nathan sailed his toy boats in the back yard…

Nathan and Pop were my helpers 🙂

It’s come along way since the early, much smaller design!

Before the TA-4 was back in place

Brent finally came back after nearly 3 years!

Yep, that’s right; Brent finally made a return visit to the sim!

Brent’s last visit was back in 2013, and despite many attempts has not managed to come back since… until tonight that is.

It was a good opportunity for me to have a bit of a tidy up, which made the man-cave a bit more presentable, and with less clutter it looks and feels roomier..

Brent sampled the new man-cave, with a non-alcoholic beverage, then flew the Arrow from Takaka, where I left it last month, down to Nelson, logging 0.4 hours, bringing the sims logbook up to 25.4 hours since I got it….

After a quick tour of the Skyhawk, and looking at all the improvements since his last visit he vowed to return for another Skyhawk flight 🙂

Man Cave Photo Tour…

Still a bit of a mess, but starting to take shape.
Loads of stuff has been stored down the side of the Skyhawk, which needs to be "re-homed".

Playstation 2, Stereo (with Bluetooth) and TV installed and well tested 😉

I need to figure out what colour I’m painting the room, and the skin for the Arrow, then clean up the walls and paint them.