RNZAF_AI – DCS:World Edition

After an excellent online session on Saturday night, I was thinking about the aircraft types modelled in DCS:World which are representative of RNZAF types.   I have been flying the Macchi MB-339 a bit, and there is a Skyhawk coming.  There is already an AI C-130 in the game, and Lewis found a ‘Civil Aviation Mod’ which includes both the Boeing 727-100, and 757-200.

So, after the flight on Saturday I quickly fitted my RNZAF_AI B727 paint over the DCS template and made something which looked really cool!  Tonight I’ve been working on the C-130, which is ok, though not perfect…

DCS world is fast becoming my go-to sim, which has completely flipped my “sticking with fs9” theory on it’s head.  The new plan is for the Skyhawk to be FS9/P3D but also DCS:World in VR.  Unfortunately there is no likelyhood of a Kahu Skyhawk being released for DCS, but there is a very good A-4e ‘Community Mod’ coming in October (fingers crossed!)

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