Sim Intercom

After much research, head scratching and changes of plans… I *think* I have a workable solution for my sim intercom systems. I had gone down the track of hardware intercom solutions, even as far as using headset distribution amps and mic mixers, but after quite a lot of research, and a suggestion from an internet […]

Arrow Seat Sliders

Just when you thought I’d abandoned the Arrow project…..   I ordered some seat sliders as part of the conversion of my 737 passenger seat for the Arrow. These seat runners come from who provide loads of car parts for custom/race car builders.  I’ve used these universal rails on a project at work and the […]

Mancave ‘decorating’

Today was a pretty miserable day here in Christchurch, so it was ‘perfect’ to work outside breaking up a shipping pallet!  At work we receive 737 cockpits on nicely made pallets, constructed of good 4×2’s with 12mm ply on top… and these things are not small… So today I deconstructed one of the pallets and […]

Playing with VLogs…

After posting a couple of videos recently, I thought I should get a bit carried away and make a video-intro….. Cheesy… but this is a re-run of my last video, with the intro on it….  🙂  Happy watching!