Multiplayer fun

Ok… a little out of the ordinary; I have setup a PC to be a “drone” for the TA-4. Basically I plan on loading this thing up as a ship/tanker/transport whatever I can think of, and use it in a multiplayer mission….
I’ve compiled a nice HMNZS Canterbury (the cool one; F421 Leander frigate) and have been creating sail plans and sailing the thing around. FS9 actually makes a pretty reasonable ship sim 🙂

Then I set up another PC, added my Logitech Momo Force wheel, and loaded up a Unimog… to go meet the Canterbury… Fun was had… Ideas were hatched…. Multiplayer scenarios coming 🙂

Arrow update

Big woodworking project today… ok, so that’s an exaggeration….

I added a bulkhead shape to the back of the “hood” structure, and a centre windscreen frame, which, for something so simple, makes a huge difference when flying the sim!
The idea of adding the bulkhead was two-fold, first it gives the hood a bit more “structure”, and also it makes it feel a bit more like there is a canopy/windscreen bow in front of you. It also gives me somewhere to attach the centre window frame to!

The new bulkhead shape in place.

The test installation of the centre frame.