AFCS is Alive!

AFCS module, running with MobiFlight is in the sim!

MobiFlight is so easy to configure, despite leaving the settings file I’d been using on my laptop at work, I was able to get the AFCS up and running in no time at all from a fresh config.

I really can’t recommend MobiFlight enough!

Oh, and for the eagle-eyed among you… there is a new "Pull to Start" switch on the engine control panel 🙂 $8.95 from Super-Cheap Autos… can’t go wrong!

Arrow mods

For a while I have felt that the instrument panel on the Arrow was too low, and though I have the eye-point of the visuals set up right, it didn’t quite “feel” right. Tonight I added 65mm risers under each side of the panel structure, to effectively raise the panel without changing the eye-point. After a quick test flight I think it looks about right, but I’ll need to do some flying to be sure…

Sitting a little higher, the panel is more “in your face” like it should be

Spacers under the panel, makes a nice storage spot 🙂

Final check outs in the Queenair

After many delays and hold ups I got time over the past few days to finalise the initial configuration of the Queenair sim.

I flew some nice flights around NZ with no issues, and really enjoyed the experience.

The final configuration included switching the "primary" simulated aircraft to the Piper Tomahawk, the most likely aircraft type the cadets will fly

Finally met this guy

Mark and I go a long way back, working in FS about 20 years ago.. In fact Mark is most of the reason I can fly helicopters in the sim….(in fact the rest of the reason is another Mark, but that’s another story)..
It was great to finally meet up in Dallas, and have a flight in the 737 after all those years.