Arrow gets a GPS

I’ve been messing around with a cool app for my Android tablet. FsRadioPanel is a pretty slick app, which connects to a small server running on the simulator PC, and provides a graphical radio stack, basic FMS and moving map.
I bought it for the moving map function, and it works beautifully with the Arrow!

Brent and Andy trialed it during their flights today.

I need to build a proper mount for the tablet, which will be a removable fixture, and allow for a USB charging cable to be attached.

Brent and Andy come to play :)

After last nights epic concert, the boys called in for a wee fly this morning.
Brent launched in the Skyhawk, had to tank it on the way, then played chase with Andy.. who was flying very low around the port hills in the Arrow… much fun was had 🙂

Skyhawk flight at dusk

Had a great flight down from Ohakea to Wigram tonight!
After departing Ohakea, with a very light fuel load, I rendezvoused with an RAF VC-10 tanker and topped the tanks off, then blasted down the coast.

Tanking with the VC10….

After arriving at Wigram, did some plane spotting, looking at my AI project

Andover, overnighting for a fisheries patrol down South in the morning.

T-Bird shut down for the night… now off to the Mess 😉

ANZAC Day flight

Sometimes you have a sim flight which reminds you why you do this… tonight’s flight in the Arrow was one of them.
After spending so much time working on my RNZAF AI Wigram project, I finally got it in the sim to check it out. Parked on the ramp at 9 on a Tuesday, I started up the Arrow to have a look around, and had a ‘trainer taxi across in front of me. I followed it and taxiied out to 03 grass, passing between the cones and holding short of the grass vector.
I lined up behind ’41 and took off in 5 second trail, joining on the cross wind turn, then flew in echelon formation out to the training area via the Lincoln-Tai Tap “gate”. Out in the area I followed through a few turns, then headed back to join the circuit.

A simple enough flight, but wow! did it bring 1989 flooding back! So many memories of my short time at Wigram, such a privilege to have experienced it…. and a fitting way to finish my ANZAC day.

Wigram, Jan 1989