After some testing, and messing around with cool freeware addons, I can now happily say that my ‘pit can now operate using either FS9 or “Wings Over Europe”.

It all started last Sunday with a visit to the Air Force Museum at Wigram.  They have a really simple DH Mosquito sim there, which I had to try out (obviously…) and despite it being really over-simplified I discovered that I loved blowing *stuff* up.  No surprises there!
My sim has always been focussed on operating the aircraft….  but after Sundays’ visit I realised that fighting the aircraft was the missing element!
So now my next challenge is coming up with a clever way to select which sim software to load at startup..  Currently I start the sim PC and everything auto starts so that once I hit the ‘go’ button my next action is to climb in and go flying.   I want to be able to do the same thing, but select which sim to start.  So far the best idea is to have two USB keys, one for each sim.  At startup the PC looks at the USB key (which contains a bat file or similar) and runs the relevant sim.
The idea is that I can use a couple of USB Keys, dress them up as if they are something aviationy looking and make a feature of them 🙂

Thoughts Ideas suggestions?

This sim is a bit of fun…. but started the wheels turning <lol>

By SeanG

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