Nick’s sim visit

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of working on, and flying Nick’s Sim.

Captain Nick at the controls of the 737-800

The simulator is built around Saitek/Logitech modules, in a really nice enclosure.

Success at Ken’s

This morning I spent more time on Kens Kingair sim, finally getting the PC to operate in full screen. Integration of a freeware G1000 has replaced the F1 panel, but that should change at the next visit.

The happy camper himself

Freeware Kingair G1000 works well, but should be replaced by the F1 G1000 at the next visit.

Final part of the visit was actually flying the sim, and with everything now working, what a great sim it is to fly!  🙂  Happy sim guy!

Ken’s Kingair is alive

I spent a couple of hours at Kens again this evening, sorting out a couple of issues with the default FSX G1000 in his Kingair sim.

The only remaining issues are a connection problem with Simconnect, and the Flight1 G1000 staying blank… but that’s for the next visit.