Meanwhile in the Big Apple

HMNZS Canterbury has been on a bit of a voyage over the past 7 weeks or so, leaving NZ far behind, she visited the Southern, South and North Atlantic Oceans with stops in Portsmouth and Benbecula and has now arrived in New York. Must be time for a virtual party for the crew!

Arrow Map Light

I’ve had a couple of these cockpit lights knocking around since we broke down the first 737 at work.. Last night, while trying to read a map in the dark cockpit I decided the time was right to install one of them in the Arrow.
Map Light Installed

Took the opportunity to screw the chart pocket to the wall, and secure the panel risers I fitted some time ago.

Old School GPS

The arrow is getting an update, an old Garmin GPS 38.. This will be interfaced with GPSOut from Pete Dowson, and provide state of the art (in 1996!) GPS navigation capability to the Arrow.