Hobsonville Photo Texture

This was my first attempt at using ADE’s Custom Ground Poly function, and so far I’m pretty pleased with the results. The airfield is covered with 8 tiles, carefully trimmed to fit the shape of the field, and stitched together in ADE.

This is also the first screenshot showing (waaaay in the background, parked around the hangar) Jake Burrus’s Huey model, which is a Work-In-progress, but Jake has kindly sent me to build a paint-kit for!

I stripped the paint I did for the UH-1J in the foreground, and fitted it onto Jake’s AI model and it looks great!

RNZAF_AI Wigram is close to release!

Received all the permission emails required to release my Wigram package.
Big thanks to (in chronological order);

– Ian Warren, for allowing me to backdate/modify/butcher his Wigram 2005 scenery.
– Mike Cronin for allowing me to modify his CT4/e back to a CT4/b
– Dee Waldron for his AI F27
– John Young for his AI Tiger Moth
– Jake Burrus for his AI Texan/Harvard
– Tom Gibson for his AI Devon

Next step is to send the package out for beta testing and write up the documentation.