MS Ship Simulator 2004??

After spending time developing a workable, pleasing “panel” package for ‘Canterbury’, I’ve been really **really** enjoying sending the thing sailing around the Pacific.
I now have a cool setup where I can create a sail?? plan in Plan-G, then set the ship to follow that plan….. sounds dull, right? But add in some remote access so I can see how my voyage is doing from my laptop or iPhone…..
FS2004 has some really cool sea-level views, and even some of the tiny atolls in the Pacific are pretty cool.

The sunsets are not that bad either!

‘A’ is for ‘Attack’

Last night’s mission was maritime strike. HMNZS Canterbury was the target, sailing off Banks Peninsula in bad visibility…

This was the first test-out of the “ibnet” multiplayer system with the Skyhawk and a “target”. A drawback I found: The “target” vessel doesn’t show on radar… might have to work on that one 🙂